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Paris Hilton: My New BFF – Meet The Wannabes

As Paris Hilton heads back to ITV2 to trawl the streets for a new BFF, I headed over to MTV to get the dirt on the American’s vying for a place on Paris’ friendship ladder.

Okay, so this series has already been shown in the US, so if you’re anything like me and didn’t know about the US version, DON’T go to MTV’s website or you’re be slapped with the picture of the person who won the show and is now hanging out with Miss Hilton. Doh!

Anyway, for you not in the know, below is a snap and paragraph about each wannabe… but who’s you’re favourite? I’m loving Zui!


paris hilton BFF - athena

The ultimate daddy’s girl from Long Island, N.Y., Athena is used to getting what she wants when she wants it. As the daughter of a retired soccer player and a former beauty queen, family comes first.. And fame a close second?


paris hilton BFF - baje

Baje is a Miami Beach babe and self-proclaimed diva who has plenty of opinions – and attitude – to go around. As a modelling agent, she feels she’s way too smart to be tied down to a man … or a woman. Yeah, I think that all the time love.


paris hilton BFF - brittany

Brittany is the quick-witted, sarcastic lead singer of a Las Vegas-based rock band, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she loves being the centre of attention and is on the hunt for fame.


paris hilton BFF - bryan
As one of two guys competing for Paris Hilton’s attention, Bryan will surely stand out. At 6’1″, the Worcester, Mass., native considers himself the hottest gay guy around when he goes clubbing in Boston. However, refusing to have a makeover in last night’s show could have seriously hindered his chances.


paris hilton BFF - corrie

Thinking of herself as a new-age diva for the new millennium, Corrie cites her aura and energy as the main reasons people are drawn to her. Of course, her passion for strutting her stuff in skimpy outfits probably doesn’t hurt. She didn’t really stand out for me, but I’m sure the boys will like her.


paris hilton BFF - erin

A vibrant publicist from Miami, “Ms. Erin” – as her vanity license plate states – loves all things fabulous … and the more expensive the better. Whether she’s on the prowl for hot dates with handsome Jewish bachelors or just out on the town with friends, she’s always dressed to the nines with picture-perfect hair. Erin’s spot-on fashion sense, bubbly personality and talkative demeanor have led her to proclaim that she’s the “plus-size Nicole Richie.” But will Paris Hilton agree?

paris hilton BFF - francisca

Francisca is a feisty Latina who is extremely proud of her Mexican heritage. She absolutely loves the attention her job as a Hooters girl brings her. But while the Houston native tries her hardest to always act like a lady, sometimes her nasty temper gets the best of her. That same aggressive attitude, however, allows Francisca to be a fierce defender of her friends. Is that what Paris needs? Another bodyguard?


paris hilton BFF - kayley

An incredibly honest and frank girl, Kayley is the granddaughter of Hollywood screen legend Clark Gable. Err, wow! She entered rehab as a teenager and claims that her sordid life is an open book. Sound’s like a Nicole Richie in the making to me… celeb father – check,  stint in rehab – check.


paris hilton BFF - kiki

Kiki is her own biggest fan. A judicial assistant from Miami, she considers herself “fabulous,” “hot” and “the bomb” — and she’s unlikely to run out of over-the-top ways to praise herself anytime soon. If Paris wants to scream at her to come back down to Earth as much as I do, I can’t see her lasting long.


paris hilton BFF - lauren

As a beauty school student, Lauren is a laid-back Los Angeles girl who tends to be spacey. While most girls put their friends first, she is very candid about the fact that men rule her life. When a cute boy is in the room, Lauren wants all eyes on her. Well, I‘d say the fact that she looks a bit like The Hills‘ Lauren Conrad will stand her in good stead!


paris hilton BFF - michelle

Standing tall at 5’11”, Michelle is a curvy blonde who loves makeup, modelling and dating. A broadcast intern, the Houston hottie is tired of people thinking she’s shallow and fake just because of the way she looks. Shame then, that she wouldn’t let Paris’ stylists get their mitts on her barnet – clearly not a good move for a wannabe model?


paris hilton BFF - natasha

A hardcore headbanger from North Bergen, N.J., Natasha is a master manipulator who strives to live the rock star lifestyle. The tough-as-nails metal head works as a massage therapist while setting her sights on recording an album. I love her already.


paris hilton BFF - onch

Onch, whose favourite colour is “rainbow,” started his own business designing jewellery for hipsters and celebrities alike. The colourful bisexual boy from Hacienda Heights, California., loves rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, and I want him to be my new BFF if it doesn’t work out with Paris!


paris hilton BFF - shelly

From Deer Park, Texas, Shelley is an incredibly shy and sensitive girl who does her best to avoid drama and confrontation. While very confident about her appearance, this boy-crazy fashion fan doesn’t have a serious boyfriend. In fact, Shelley is a virgin, and she has only recently started taking an interest in partying. Well, I’m not quite sure how she will fit into Paris’ hectic, boy-crazy partying lifestyle?


paris hilton BFF - sinsu

Sinsu is a jet-setting New Yorker who claims she can get absolutely anything she wants with the mere flash of her smile. This self-proclaimed “cougar in training” is a natural born performer, having tried her hand at acting, singing and being at the the fashion forefront. An attention seeker through and through, Sinsu is always on the lookout for the next posh club that could help her climb up the social ladder. Shame she’s already doing my head in then.


paris hilton BFF - trisha

Valedictorian of her high school class in Schwenksville, Penn., Trisha is a big-time overachiever who was president of every after-school club imaginable. Working as a magician’s assistant — yes, really — she wants to be a role model for girls. Yawn.


paris hilton BFF - vanessa

Vanessa A polite and friendly receptionist originally from Alaska, Vanessa once dubbed her circle of friends “Vanessa’s army.” Now living in Mount Vernon, Wash., she would love to get some serious fashion advice from Paris Hilton, as she finds her own style very safe and boring. Her clothing choices aside, Vanessa is incredibly spontaneous and wants a BFF that will go on a variety of adventures with her. I’m sure Miss Paris is always up for adventures!


paris hilton BFF - zui

Zui is a wild rocker chick from Woodbridge, Va., that has a natural knack for trashing hotel rooms and loves being photographed. She already considers herself an internet celebrity, and this loud and crazy girl thinks it’s time for Paris Hilton to shake up her group of friends… err, did anyone tell Zui that Paris was dating Benji Madden when this was filmed… so her circle was in the process of expanding! Still my favourite though.

Ruth xx