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X Factor Blog – Week Six – Bootcamp

I can hardly say I am surprised with the 24 acts selected to head on over to the judge’s houses. Was I shocked to see the young Brummie; Dominic denied another shot at the X Factor role? Somewhat, bless him and Danie for their emotional pow wow when he got the elbow. Nothing easy about getting voted off after making the final 50.

But I am overjoyed to see Simon take the reigns on the Over 25’s this year. Has he got the pick of the crop or what? I mean cutting that six down to three is not going to be easy and I am sure the six individuals that made it through recognize that Mr. ‘I Will Make You Famous’ is going to have his work cut out.

He will be cracking the whip over Danyl’s head almost immediately I am sure after his Simply Red performance last night. Wasn’t it Laura White who did the same kind of thing last year, went in over her head a little too much and almost sunk. Have to admit Danyl lost cool points with me for that last night, and the fact that he cried on more than one occasion.


Not saying that I am adverse to a man who can publicly shed a tear of course, but I need the men I admire from afar to be ‘men’ and not feel the need to hand them the Kleenex all the time. Still respect the voice and the talent but his personality points have dwindled this weekend.

But get in there Jamie Afro and Nichole…so so pleased to see both of them all set to be guided by Mr. Cowell. Still a little unsure as if my girl Nichole will get to Si’s Killer 3, but hey you just never know with this show.

James_Archer_01 Nicole_Jackson_01

Dannii got the girls and will be helped along by her sister Kylie, I mean come on, how many young girls would trade their Girls Aloud / Sugarbabes / PussyCatDolls CD collections for that opportunity I wonder? I am pleased Essex Girl Stacey got her dream to be mentored by Dannii as I think after literally being ignored over the last couple of episodes Dannii deserves to have a fan or two around her.


Can we say P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E, Louis Walsh landing the groups again? Are the producers trying to tell us that Not insinuating that there is anything untoward going on X-Factor HQ but you JUST know that Dumb and Dumber are going to make it through under the guidance of their fellow countryman don’t you? It’s just as obvious as the woman in the chippy asking you if you want salt and vinegar on your chips really.

However would be great to actually see Louis develop Miss Frank (who ever thought up that name needs to be fired ASAP or someone needs to explain in serious detail where the hell that name came from in the comments section please as it does the gals no justice), the three girls who the judges brought together to give them another shot at stardom.


Shame about Tru Colourz making a quick exit after lying about their age. They will be shown next week being disqualified by Louis who they were not exactly enthralled about being their mentor anyway. They are replaced by Harmony Hood.


‘Our’ Cheryl landed the lads and rumour has it she will be joined by none other than boy band bad boy Robbie Williams in making her cut next week. Now that should be great TV. Heard Mr. Williams was making a come back over here in the UK and where better than the X-Factor? Not a bad group for ‘our’ Cheryl, even though she openly admitted she is not used to ‘working’ with boys last night.

She has some decent folks to work with though, Ethan, Lloyd and her homeboy Joseph McElderry especially. Looks like everyone is in for some serious deliberation next week when the contestants and their mentors fly off to Italy, LA and Dubai for the final cut.

My predictions for the Final 12 are as follows:

Girls – Lucie, Rachel and Despina

Boys –
Ethan, Joe and Duane

Groups – Kandy Rain, Miss Frank, John and Edward

Over 25s – Jamie Afro, Danyl and Nichole

Let’s see how right or wrong I am next week.

Melanie Cornish