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Naomi’s Weave Nightmare

Pictures had surfaced of a severely balding Naomi Campbell and I’ve gotta say it, it’s not a good look!

The 42-year-old model wasn’t looking her best after taking a dip in the sea and her weave slipping back revealing shocking bald patches from all the abuse she’s put her hair under over the years.

Now I will admit, if I had her money I would probably be getting regular weaves too but surely when she started to thin she thought about giving it a rest?

Mind you, with her money she’ll never not have to have a weave so I guess she wasn’t really that fussed.

Unfortunately if you’re over reliant on hair extensions the same could happen to you. Traction alopecia can happen when the hair extensions pull on your real hair causes it to snap, a lot more so around the forehead where the hair is weaker.

If you suffer from it moderately it will grow back but can take anywhere between 3 months and a year.

However, if you continue to wear hair extensions and the pulling continues then the hair will never grow back leaving you with the only option of a hair transplant.

Now, I’d rather not be compared to Wayne Rooney for the rest of my life, but how about you?

Matt’s Shiner on life Monday

I see the Rooney’s are trying to get back together once again under the glare of media attention… The paps are trying to justify there constant attention by saying ‘if he advertises bla de bla brand and sells his wedding photos to the papers they have every right to do what they want, ably backed up by that famous and highly successful footballer Kevin Kegan. What absolute bo***cks. Just because the guy does a job doesn’t give them any rights to judge pontificate and slobber all over his private affairs.

Now we also have the prostitute from the States allegedly counter suing the legend that is David Beckham for interfering with her freedom of speech. Her lawyer says how they prize their freedom of speech in America and she should be able to accuse and slur whoever whenever she wants and if the injured party objects they are ‘interfering’ with a person freedom of speech…., it stands believing. But the IRS are after her regarding her tax declarations, and the little matter of not having a work permit… still she has her freedom of speech. We are behind you David hope you stuff them. Oh and this is my opinion and freedom of speech

But to lives most important Cheryl Cole axing Gamu Nhengu in favour of Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd.. well what can you say but actually is it just part of the publicity machine as surprise, surprise, each of the judges will get to pick a wild card…. never saw that one coming, honestly Simon do you think we are that naive. Who will Si choose.. Husstle, Louis seemed happy with his three and Dannii withe her three. Here’s an idea why not get each judge to pick a wildcard for one of the other categories – now that would be interesting.

Coleen Rooney Takes Wayne Back. WHAT!?

Yesterday we told you that Coleen Rooney was too busy dealing with her poorly sister to speak to her loverat husband, but now it looks as though she’s done a complete 360 and agreed to take Wayne back.

A source close to the couple is claiming that the WAG has agreed to give her husband yet another chance, remember, it’s not the first time Wayne has been accused of sleeping with a prostitute.

[picappgallerysingle id=”8470133″]

Apparently Coleen has told her hubby that he can move back in, and whilst she is ready to forgive him, she most certainly will never forget. The source said; “They are in their home together and they are talking everything through. They are both bending over backwards to try and sort it out. They know they have to.”

“Coleen has done a lot of soul-searching and is now feeling stronger and ready to move back in. But she’s made it a condition that if there is just one more girl or any more revelations their marriage is finished.”

With baby Kai to think about, we can kind of see why Coleen might give Wanye another chance, but lets hope it’s third time lucky now…

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

Another Wayne Rooney Conquest Apologises To Coleen

Wayne Rooney really is making a pigs ear of this whole marriage thing isn’t he? Not only has he shamed his wife Coleen by bonking a number of hookers, but now she has to suffer the humiliation of the birds trying to make a buck or two off the tabloids.

The hookers have been crawling out of the woodwork to apologise to Coleen over the past couple of days – does anyone think it should be WAYNE doing the apologising? – I guess these women could claim they were just ‘doing their jobs’ after all.

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Anyway, Helen Wood – the second girl linked to Wayne Rooney this week – didn’t have the bottle to apologise for her actions herself, so her father did it for her;  “What’s happened in our family was absolutely tragic,” Dr Wood said in a statement. “I’m extremely sad if Helen’s actions have had wider implications on anyone else.”

He also admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Helen since she was 16, and had no idea what she was doing to make money… personally, we would’ve just kept quiet.


Wayne Rooney WILL Play Tonight Despite Being A Cheat

Cheating in his private life hasn’t been enough to keep Wanye Rooney from the beautiful game as he gets ready to kick a ball around a field in Switzerland tonight.

Wayne isn’t going to let a little thing like sleeping with a hooker whilst his wife was expecting their first child affect his life, and tonight he’ll be representing the UK when the England football team play Switzerland.

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Whilst Capello hasn’t announced the final line-up just yet, it is thought that Wanye will be making an appearance after the bossman said; “I spoke with him and he is happy to play. The players know what they have to do with their private life. It is their private life, though. He said he was focused and that he wanted to play against Switzerland.”

I can’t see many England fans cheering him on tonight, especially since he chose to text – yes, text – Coleen to warn her about the story coming out in the papers…while she was having her hair done! Ooh, he makes me so cross!


Wayne Rooney Fighting To Save His Marriage

Wow. 2010 really is the year of the love rat footballer isn’t it? We’ve had Ashley Cole, John Terry, Peter Crouch all doing the dirty, and now we’re shocked to hear that family man Wayne Rooney is alleged to have paid another woman for sex.

Prostitute Jenny Thompson revealed to the News Of The World (probably for a tidy wad of cash) that she’d had a threesome with Wayne and her friend after meeting him on a night out at a casino.

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After their first meeting, Jenny claims she met up with the soccer ace on a regular basis whilst his wife Coleen was pregnant with baby Kai, with Wanye forking out between £500-£1,200 each time they met.

Last night it was thought that Wayne might pull out of a scheduled England match Tomorrow to spend time with his no-doubt raging wife, but it’s since been confirmed that he will travel over to Switzerland with the rest of the squad and leave his family life on the back burner.

What do YOU make of it all though? Are there ANY decent guys left in the world?

FemaleFirst – Ruth Harrison

Congratulations Coleen & Wayne Rooney!!

Coleen Rooney might just be my favourite celebrity mummy after giving birth to a baby boy named Kai in Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Whilst the name could be a grower, Coleen definitely showed that her baby isn’t a status symbol by giving birth in a NHS hospital and reportedly refusing a £1 million deal for the first photos.

Wayne and Coleen have also agreed to try and keep their child out of the media spotlight as much as they can, which is something we’re huge supporters of here at FemaleFirst.

Coleen McLoughlin - Book Signing/ Photocall

I know it can be hard to keep your child out of the press when you’re a huge megastar, but there’s a fine line between the odd pap shot when you’re in the park, and dragging them around with you, hoping for the perfect picture.

Now, it’s quite a deep issue I’m talking about here, I don’t have kids so I’ll probably get a load of mum’s disagreeing with me as well, but personally I think the likes of Angelina Jolie and Madonna are thrusting their kids into the media without the kids really having a say…. It’s true that the parents are responsible for their young children, but I know if my mother was famous, I’d like to make my own decision as to whether or not I followed in her footsteps.

On the other side of the coin though, Madge and Brangelina always have their kids with them and rarely leave them with a nanny or minder whilst they jet off to an exotic location with a their latest fling… and that’s where I’ve got to give Katie Price some credit…. I know people might not think she’s a great role model with her recent behaviour, but at least she pays a great deal of attention to her kids.

Angelina Jolie spends time with her girls Shiloh and Zaharra as they shop at Lees Art Shop in NYC

So, whilst I could ramble on about this forever, I’d quite like to you what you think… should the kids be left with a nanny and out of the media, or is it better to keep them with you but risk their faces being splashed across The Sun?

And is it ever a good idea to ‘sell’ you baby photos to a magazine, even if you’re claiming the money will go to their college fund? Surely if you’re that famous, you can afford to send your kids to college?

Ruth. xx