Kelly Clarkson shocked us all when she stepped out on stage at the Billboard Music awards last month, she looked stunning. 

She later admitted that she has lost 30lbs in anticipationg for a number of summer appearances. 

And whilst she may be enjoying and embracing her weightloss she insists that she will not become a stick-thin figure. 

She spoke to women's magazine Redbook about her weight and how she will not be going too far with it. The orginal American Idol also urged fans to think about their overall wellbeing. 

She said of her workout routine: "I do cardio. I run. I strength-train using my own body weight. I don't like free weights, because I build muscle easily. 

"Really, what I am trying to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy. I have no desire to be super skinny. 

The July issue of Redbook is on sale June 12. 

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