LostAlone questions have not been sent to the band and any question that is submitted from this point will not be included.

Do you have a burning question that you have always wanted to ask LostAlone?

Well now is your chance as FemaleFirst will be meeting up with the boys to put your questions to them.

The band is riding high at the moment with another hit album I'm A UFO In This City, read out review here, under their belt.

Their second studio album has seen them grown as musicians, as a group and also as song-writers - it really is one of the best rock albums of 2012 so far.

They are also tearing up stages up and down the country on their latest tour bringing their new tracks to their super loyal fans.

So do you have a question about their album or their latest tour? Or maybe you just want to give them a message of support.

If so just leave comment at the bottom of the page or on Twitter @Helen_FAM and keep your eyes peeled for the answers.

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  1. by Lisa 21st Mar 2012 17:30

    What's your favourite film, and why?

  2. by Lumierre 21st Mar 2012 17:52

    How do you feel when you come to a country and you play there a show for the first time? Are you excited, nervous...?

    Have a great time on tour and thanks for the new album! ;) I hop... Read More

  3. by Anna-Lee 21st Mar 2012 18:52

    Hey, LostAlone! Are you guys planning on touring Canada anytime soon? I love the new album!

  4. by Marina 22nd Mar 2012 16:34

    How do you feel with all the support your fans give to you?

    I'm from Spain and I can't wait to see you in Barcelona! You're the best band ever!!!

  5. by John Edgerton 22nd Mar 2012 16:41

    What is different between touring in the UK and the US? As a band, where are you more recognized?

  6. by Kim K 22nd Mar 2012 19:26

    can we expect you coming to australia anytime soon?

  7. by Cerys Diamond-Smith 22nd Mar 2012 19:27

    What was it like touring with My Chemical Romance?
    Cerys, 14, Cardiff

  8. by wout mattens 22nd Mar 2012 19:48

    what was your job before you where in Lostalone ?

  9. by James Lloyd 22nd Mar 2012 19:49

    I know that Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance helped with the album, but in what way did he contribute?

  10. by Jane O Callaghan 23rd Mar 2012 10:33

    Firstly, I just want to say how amazing you guys are!! I think your music is really unique! :D I want to start my own band soon, but It's proving very difficult to get people who want t... Read More

  11. by Chiara 23rd Mar 2012 11:43

    Hi :) Orchestra Of Breathing is now probably one of my favourite songs now, and when i listen to it i can hear Stevens emotions behind it and that makes the song so beautiful. So im won... Read More

  12. by Sean 23rd Mar 2012 17:19

    I love the new album you guys are definitely my new favourite band, I was wondering if there are any plans yet for a 3rd album

  13. by wenche_felicia 23rd Mar 2012 20:55

    Will you come to Norway? Would be great of you guys to come here and share your rock!

  14. by kaitlyn Musto 24th Mar 2012 02:45

    Will you be touring in the U.S. anytime soon? That'd be ace!

  15. by Jenna 24th Mar 2012 18:02

    do you have any places in mind to headline a tour this year? - hope you come near to plymouth! xX

  16. by Chlo 25th Mar 2012 11:31

    QUESTION: Hey guys, Steven, I know you're a massive Queen fan, if you could ask Freddie Mercury one question, what would you ask?
    - Chlo

  17. by Delaney Chapman 30th Mar 2012 20:22

    How did you guys meet?? And will you be touring the USA any time soon?