Kym Marsh is encouraging parents to get their children engaged in more activity. 

A study published today has found that parents should not rely on PE classes alone for their children to reach minimum government guidelines for physical activity. 

The “Active Play Report”, undertaken by The British Toy & Hobby Association and the Institute of Youth Sport at Loughborough University, has proved that primary school children are more active when given time to play than at any other time in their school day.

Playing with toys for 30 minutes can provide twice as much physical activity as PE lessons. 

Celebrity mum-of-three, Kym wants parents to get their children engaged in active play for an hour a day as further research has revealed one in five dads and nearly one in six mums want to improve how they encourage their children to play. 

The British Toy & Hobby Association believe most parents understand that play is important for their children’s emotional development, but what the research shows that time spent with props and toys is easier and a more enjoyable way for children to be physically active.

With the summer fast approaching, girls and boys will spend more time in physical activity outdoors. But for those parents who can’t provide an outdoor space they can still get their children to take part in indoor activities such as a race or competition. 

Watch the video below to find out how you can encourage your children to get more active. 

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