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Greatest Movie Love Stories

Love stories always make the best movies as audiences get washed away in the...
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Jenni prefers to workout with contact lenses in

Jenni Falconer talks to us about running the London Marathon

Jenni Falconer has graced our screens for more than 10 years, after recently...
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Picturesque Cologne at night time

Forget the Plane, hop on a Train

Long check-in queues, passport control and tedious security checks (usually with...
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Train Answer The 15 Questions We Ask Everyone

It’s fair to say that Train will probably always be known as the band who sang...
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Train - Save Me, San Francisco

Album Review: Train - Save Me, San Francisco

It’s fair to say that Train will probably always be known as the band who sang...
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The Train

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Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider Filmmakers Break Silence After Indictment

Filmmakers Randall MILLER and JODY SAVIN have broken their silence following...
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Actress Mona Ellis Dead At 87

Former child star MONA FREEMAN has died, aged 87.
Entertainment Gossip
Russell Brand

Russell Brand Admits Dodging Train Fare

Outspoken comedian Russell Brand has admitted jumping over a ticket barrier at...
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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Closes Roseland Ballroom With Final Gig

Lady Gaga brought down the final curtain at New York City's iconic Roseland...
Music News
Wesley Stromberg

Pop Rocker Wesley Stromberg Released From Hospital

EMBLEM3 star WESLEY STROMBERG is preparing to make a return to the stage after...
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Puff Daddy

Sean Combs Reverts Back to Puff Daddy for New Album

Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs is returning to his roots as Puff Daddy as he prepares...
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