dave morris asks :

When my girlfriend’s sister comes round and sits next to me, I can smell her pussy getting wet and it’s arousing me till the point I leave the room to arrange myself. Should I say something to her?

Dave Gets Aroused By His Girlfriend’S Sister

Dave Gets Aroused By His Girlfriend’S Sister

Tyler replies

I’m really amazed to hear that you can actually smell your girlfriend’s sisters secretions - and I take it you’re suggesting that she is turned on by you because that’s what is making her wet?
Do you have any reason to be sure about that? At least you’re leaving the room - but how long will it be before you’re left in the room by yourself with her and you can’t resist pouncing on her? What do you think you could say to her?
Tell her you’re thinking you might have to break up with her sister because you’re getting really confused about your feelings - hint at being attracted to her but say it would hurt her sister too much and so you need to do the right thing?
Play nicely, keep arranging yourself so as not to cause any upset, and work out what is getting you so aroused. If you’re young, it’s natural, too, to feel this really strong arousal.
Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t make any rash decisions. It’s all hormonal and chemistry at play.
Don’t mistake it for feelings and don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to act on every sexual impulse you have. I’m sure you’ll have MANY more.

Lydia replies

Eeewww. That’s not nice, is it? Come on, though, honestly. You can smell her? I think you just fancy her more and it’s in your head. Maybe she’s giving off some spunky scents but is she sitting on your shoulders or something? It’s a no-brainer.
Leave the sister for the other sister and you’ll end up with neither. So either put up with the fact that you fancy her - and fantasise about her when you masturbate, or call it quits and get the hell out of there. You’re headed for trouble.

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