naijaboi asks :

How long am i expected to last during an intercourse?

Naijaboi Wants To Set The Right Pace

Naijaboi Wants To Set The Right Pace

Tyler replies

Setting yourself an expectation like that might lead to disappointment because you must surely know that there is no realistic average time, because every situation, every couple, has a unique chemistry and therefore, you might have an average length of 5 minutes with one partner, but 10 minutes with another.
A fairly well-known sex expert suggests 12 minutes is fairly typical - but this can be affected by premature or delayed ejaculation, which is unpredictable until you know what’s normal for you and your partner.
If you do find that you’re not lasting long enough, then instigate a change of positions and pace. I don’t really sense whether you’re experienced or a virgin, and so it is difficult to really answer you specifically.

Lydia replies

As long as you sense your partner is enjoying themselves that’s surely the answer.
If you get as far as having intercourse, you would hope that your connection would be good enough to be able to sense when enough is enough, or when it’s worth slowing things down to make it last.

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