sidh asks :

I have question about penis size. In sex, does penis size matter..? And which is more important, length or width? And how we can increase size of penis.I have 6.8in length

Sidh Has A Size Question

Sidh Has A Size Question

Tyler replies

Medically speaking, there’s no reason why a small penis would matter in sex. It might affect confidence and performance if you are worried about having a small penis, but that is a psychological effect, not physical.
A small penis, for example, doesn’t mean that a man’s fertility is lower. The truth is, in their floppy state, small and big penises usually reach a similar size when erect, for which the average is 6 to 7 inches.
Length or width isn’t what keeps a woman interested or aroused though, it’s foreplay, it’s the whole intensity, it’s the man attached to the penis! A woman doesn’t remember a good penis but a good lover, remember this.
There are some products on the market that claim to enhance your penis size and width, such as creams and pumps, but it would be important to look at reviews. looks at a number of different brands and penis enlargement products. Penoplasty is surgical augmentation of the penis and costs can reach £5,000. It can affect self-esteem though and this can improve sex.

Lydia replies

You know the saying, it’s not how much you’ve got but what you do with it? It’s a start but to be really honest, yes, penis size does matter - both length and width.
As a woman gets older and more experienced, her vagina gets more elastic and stretched, especially after childbirth, and so she’s not going to want a cocktail sausage getting lost in there.
Is she? Yes of course there is more to good sex than penis size, but good oral sex and variety doesn’t make up for a lack of something to play with. Sorry.

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