Susan Boyle Musical Getting Great Reviews

Who fancies seeing the musical about Susan Boyle’s life? It seems to be getting fantastic reviews. The show opened at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen in Scotland a couple of weeks ago. We can’t imagine that a stage show all about Subo’s life would be that well, interesting, but most people who have actually been to watch it disagree. Subo doesn’t star in the musical, although she does make an appearance to sing I Dreamed A Dream – the song which first catapulted her to fame on Britain’s Got Talent, and then also became the title for the musical. Nothing ever seems to go right for Subo all of the time though. After being on a high over how the audiences were loving the show, she then has a bad experience at the weekend. Very bizarrely, her ex gardener turned up at her door on Saturday and demanded money. Now if you’d heard about the run-in last year that Subo had with this gardener over how much he charged to cut her grass, then you might not think the incident is as out of the blue as first thought. About the incident from the weekend with the 22 year old gardener, a source said: “he turned up at Susan’s house, shouting through the door and asking for money. Susan was scared. She lives by herself and her home is supposed to be her little sanctuary. She called the police because she was understandably frightened.” The gardener has since said: “I was quite drunk. I must have had about eight pints of lager and then I took 30 paracetamol. I didn’t realise how many paracetamol I was taking. I was in the house, then I saw the empty sachets and realised I’d taken too many. I felt really confused.” He denies asking Subo for any money. We do know that the police were called, but she has decided not to take any further action. Poor Subo!

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