Jacket Potato

Jacket Potato

1. In 1995 potatoes were taken into space aboard the shuttle Columbia, this was the first time food had ever been grown in space

2. 15% of the nation’s entire Vitamin C intake comes from the potato

3. Musicians have paid tribute to the potato in a number of songs including Addicted to Spuds by Weird Al Yankovich, Potato Junkie by Therapy? and New Potato Head Caboose by the Grateful Dead

4. New potatoes contain only 26kcal per new potato*

5. Just under 8,000 hectares of new potatoes are grown in the UK -  that’s about the same size as the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk

6. There are 788 new potato growers in the UK

7. Watching your weight? Choose potatoes – they are naturally fat free!

8. The world’s biggest potato was grown in Germany in 1997, weighing the same size as a small dog! (3.2kg)

9. On average, each year every person in the UK will have eaten 500 medium sized spuds – that’s the equivalent of nearly 100kg!

10. One kilo of new potatoes, costing as little as 77 pence** can be used to make up to five meals including salads, stir fries, soups and bakes

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