Brazilians named John Lennon go on crime spree

Brazilians named John Lennon go on crime spree

Several Brazilians named after late Beatles legend John Lennon have gone on a crime spree in the country.

Police in Belo Horizonte, south east Brazil, have been left stunned after a number of people sharing the musician's moniker were arrested, including John Lennon Fonseca Ferreira, 22, who is described as one of the most wanted criminals in the area, The Sun reports.

Convicted drug trafficker John Lennon Camargos Gomes, 22, has also been detained and accused of five murders and two attempted murders, while another man with the name John Lennon has been shot dead in what is thought to be a revenge killing.

The unusual name coincidence comes after the Beatles star was shot dead in December 1980 and authorities believe many parents opted to call their children after the singer due to the band's worldwide success.

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