Maria Fowler

Maria Fowler

Maria Fowler claims the cast of 'The Only Way Is Essex' have turned into "monsters".

It was all, 'My agent this, my agent that.

The 25-year-old star - who quit the ITV2 reality show last week - explained when Amy Childs left the series after season two, her co-stars became hugely jealous that she had become the biggest name.

She said: "There was a lot of jealousy - we'd all started out as normal people then, within a few weeks, everyone had turned into monsters!

"It was all, 'My agent this, my agent that."

While Maria admitted Sam Faiers and Lydia Bright stayed true to themselves, she thinks leaving 'TOWIE' has made Amy "dead behind the eyes".

She added in an interview with Reveal magazine: "Lydia and Sam were among the few who kept it real. I've known Amy since before the show, and I don't dislike her, but I find her a bit fake.

"Amy became the biggest star and she knows it, but she's dead behind the eyes. She's very sweet, but will always tell you how busy she is and how amazing her management team are."