Comedian Russell Brand, former 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson and 'selfies' are top of the list of topics that divide opinion in Britain.

blu eCigs survey

blu eCigs survey

According to a survey carried out by blu eCigs into the changing tastes of the nation, Crocs shoes, the Kardashians and 'Lord of the Rings' films also provoke strong reactions from Brits.

Douglas Mutter, Senior Product Development & Manufacturing Controller at blu said: ''From food to people, places or certain products, there are some things that will always divide opinions and are a matter of personal taste.

''Most people will recognise things they are big fans of in the list of 50 as well as some things that certainly don't hit the mark for them.''

Meanwhile, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, Pimm's and mint are proving to be our favourite tastes of the summer.