Attachments by Rainbow Powell

Attachments by Rainbow Powell

This book is for all the optimistic women out there who are waiting to find their Love. 

Rainbow Rowell's first novel gives an insight into the idea that we can have no clue that somebody has fallen in love with us and questions whether there is such a thing as love before first sight. 

Set just before all the Y2K panic, Beth and Jennifer are colleagues on a newspaper; they spend their days writing and subbing copy and sending each other emails detailing everything in their lives - discussing relationships, hopes and family issues. 

After they leave the office, in comes Lincoln who spends his nights checking through the staff emails - looking for anything which seems a little odd. He stumbles across Beth and Jennfer's exchanges and becomes engrossed in what they are writing. 

It suddenly becomes quite clear that Lincoln is developing feelings for one of the women; but has he left it too late to introduce himself? How could he let them know that he knows more about their lives than their partners do? 

After a series of close encounters then not a single email from either of the women - which results in you continuing to turn the pages in the hope that the love is not lost -  Lincoln attempts to come clean with his feelings, no matter what the repercussions are. 

This warm and witty story leaves you feeling that fate could in fact be playing with our hearts. Attachments is a romantic comedy that has it all. 


About the author - Rainbow Rowell is a newspaper columnist in Omaha, Nebraska, where she lives with her family. Attachments is her first novel. 

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