James Palumbo has introduced his second novel to the world, moving away from the world of music to satrical writing. And what a great move it was.

James is the owener of Ministry of Sound, given his background, this is a book that you would never expect, but it provides a quick, insightful read to the world around us.

His first, Tomas, won praise from the likes of Stephen Fry, Claudia Winkleman and Noel Fielding, who said: "The noises I made whilst reading this book frightened people." The book is a comical take on Russian oligarchs, reality TV and greedy footballers - basically the society that we live in.

Tancredi, follows in the shadows with a similar attack on society and how it slowly perishes around us.

Trancredi, the book's protagonist, is born on the day that scientists discover a new star called Surprise. This star - which has lain undsicovered for millennia - looks set to explode as a supernove and is destined to bring about Armageddon. Tancredi’s parents are killed in a space accident and, struck by the futility of life, he sets out to achieve something truly meaningful. His attempt to save the world takes him to several planets which each represent a different theme, from reality TV to obesity.

The book is an easy read, taking no longer than a few hours for the whole thing, and the message of the book is easily conveyed. It does make you think about your own morales and the society that we have become acclimated too.

Whatever your intial thoughts on the book, I insist that you continue to read on - it's a thought-provoking novel that leaves you with the question: Why spend a life chasing fortune, beauty and fame?

Femalefirst Taryn Davies

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