Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Set in Sussex, England, the novel centres around a group of young school students. The central character and narrator, Kathy, who is now 31 years old, tells the tale of her school days in Hailsham with her two best friends Tommy and Ruth. The story plays on typical themes of childhood, such as love and friendships, however is far ahead of its time. The school, is seemingly perfect, however, holds a secret that is not revealed until the students leave, after living a cosseted existence within the confines of the well-respected establishment.

Kathy and Tommy develop a good friendship, however, this is overshadowed by the sexual relationship that Ruth and him begin together, as many of the students do at the school. Kathy is in love with Tommy however encourages the pairing of her two best friends to remain permanent.

The book takes an unexpected turn, resulting in a devastating ending; however is an intelligent example of subtle science fiction.

Female First Lucy Walton

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