The Desolate Garden

The Desolate Garden

"I am heavy, I am tired” said the old man to the child.

“My life, is drawing to an end. It is not what I have done to life that has brought me here today, but what life has done to me along the way.

I was strong, I was fierce, I took no-one to my side, simply brushing them aside with no need of them. Now I find that I’m alone, but don’t pity nor disown those memories that I’ve sown, along the way.

My path was never straight, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide but along it I did stride to find you here. And I am pleased that I did, otherwise you would never know what I managed in my life, along the way.

I have reached that final bend, the one that leads me to my end, and now I leave you here to make your own way through this life. Tread your path with care, and always be aware that there is no such thing in life, as a mistake.”

© 2012, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

I love playing with words to paint pictures and stimulate the mind.This particular poem of mine, one of many, is about the end of life for the 'man' and the beginning of life for the 'child.' It is a sad poem, but expresses a hope, and the belief, that all life is meant to be. Each path that we take, through choice or necessity leads to others that can bring greater things.

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