A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

I love this story as it combines my two favourite things, a ghost story and Christmas! Written by Charles Dickens, it was first released in 1873. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old, unhappy man who despises any frivolity and happiness surrounding Christmas. He consequently has no friends. On Christmas Eve he is visited by three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. As each period in time reveals how inappropriate and unnecessary his way of life is and he eventually learns to change.

This has been adapted several times over for stage, opera and into films and animations, most recently starring the voice of Jim Carrey. It is very poignant in reaffirming the point that the way we project ourselves affects those around us. It is easy to be swept up in others peoples moods if they are extreme at this time of year. The story resonates with everyone as we all take things for granted throughout the year. Reading this makes us remember that those we have around us are precious and that human contact is fulfilling.  

The story is set in Victorian Britain and therefore boasts both the quintessential English Christmas as well the new commodities that were becoming popular at the time, such as Christmas Trees and greeting cards. Christmas Carol is only a novella, so a short and enjoyable read for around the Christmas period.  

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