The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Originally printed in Swedish, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo became so successful that it was translated into many languages and is now an international bestseller. It recently got the rights to become a film starring Daniel Craig, with the second and third parts in the trilogy to follow.


The book refers back to forty years previous where a young Harriet Vanger disappears at a party on an island owned and inhabited by her family, the Vangers. There is no trace left of her and no witnesses, however her uncle believes there to be foul play committed by one of his family. Mikael Blomkvist is a financial journalist, who takes on the case alongside Lisbeth Salander whose unorthodox appearance and prickly demeanour cause initial friction between the pair. With her computer hacking skills behind the scenes, they come to make an impenetrable team.


They discovery that Harriet’s murder links to that of several more in that time frame and the family’s secrets start to be revealed, but at what cost? Family will do anything to protect themselves.   


It was said by the author himself that the character of Lisbeth is inspired from when the author Stieg Larsson stood by and watched an acquaintance of his (Lisbeth) get gang raped. He did nothing to stop it and after when asking for her forgiveness and not get it. A graphic scene in the book depicts the character of Lisbeth being raped as well as her unique revenge on her attacker.



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