Let your inner mermaid speak


Taking an underwater view of life.


The problem with the scientific view of life is that it is simply that.  A view from a particular vantage point, seen through a particular set of coloured glasses.  It looks on life from a material standpoint and refuses to acknowledge that there are some things that exist but cannot as yet be explained.  It is a fact that perfectly, sane, sober, rational people have seen such things as ghost, auras, experienced telepathy and other phenomena.  It’s not always possible to measure such experiences, put them in a test tube and see what made them happen.  In fact, psychics find it almost impossible to function in laboratory conditions because these conditions are antithetical to these inner, intuitive flashes of knowledge.

     This psychic, involuted understanding of life . . . some call it the right brain vision of life . . . is akin to living under the sea…there’s a whole world there in which those living on land cannot exist.  Marine creatures can’t breathe in the upper world and vice versa. Remember Hans Anderson’s story of the Mermaid?  She longed for the Prince, loved him and was allowed to forgo her fishy, underwater existence to have human feet and be with him.  But her false feet hurt as if needles were driven through them.  Worst of all,  she was unable to speak in human language and so the Prince, while fascinated by her beauty, could not communicate and so married one of his own kind.

    Now all right brain types will recognise this story, especially the most unconscious sign of all, Pisces.  Pisces is associated with the lowly but important feet and Pisceans often suffer terribly from feet problems. Walking on this earth is a trial to many of them thought they may learn to adapt.  Male Pisceans often do so by denying all that is of the spirit for fear of ridicule in a masculine dominated world.  They may instead find the spirit in a bottle.  When a person who sees life in this mystic, symbolic, underwater manner is confronted by the rational, articulate land person, they are incapable of expressing the truths they know. This naturally leads the clever ole left brainer to think how really stupid is the right brain type.  The real problem is the two can’t easily communicate.

     Astrology is the one science apart from metaphysics and quantum physics that is capable of combining both sides of the brain.  It is a mathematical process determining the exact positions of planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth.  Thus one needs to know one’s astronomy.  There are two separate branches of astrology in the East and the West but I will tell you about that at another time.  The Western method is a more psychological approach. 

   For now let’s consider (the word ‘consider’ means with the stars by the way) the symbolism of the Sun.  Taken symbolically it is the Masculine, Yang energy, Spirit, Consciousness, clarity, reasoning, and left brain, that which sheds light and thus sees things clearly. The Moon is the Feminine, Yin energy, Soul, the Unconscious, aright brain vision of life.  It’s a softer gentler light where shadows create other pictures and viewpoints dissolve and change as if underwater.   These are names for distinct energies and both men and women have both these masculine and feminine energies. Carl Jung the psychologist would later call the feminine in a man his anima . . . his Soul or Muse.  In a woman it is her animus . . . her Spirit.


When an astrologer looks at a woman’s chart, they will look at the Moon sign because she will tend to show those characteristics most of all, especially when young.  A woman tends to live her masculine energies through men in her life.  As a woman grows older, she will begin to understand and live out her Sun sign and her masculine energies but only if she becomes more conscious and takes some of her projected power back to herself, in other words develops her animus to become a more rounded personality.  The opposite applies to men who have to learn to incorporate their more emotional, feminine side and this also often happens in later life.  Nowadays however, things have changed a lot because we are all experiencing a whole shift of Yin and Yang taking place in society.   Women are living out their animus far more than their mother’s did.  But they may still experience it through a husband, boss, brother, son.    

    So, when looking at these Sun sign descriptions which I have given you here . . . all a little tongue in cheek because people’s traits can be amusing as well as problematic! . . . ask yourself if the description fits any of the men in your life.  But remember, you do have these sun sign characteristics and may need to live them out for yourself in order to become whole.  Wholeness comes from the word ‘heal’.  No one wants to go about lopsided.  And when the mermaid begins to learn how to speak, then she’s on the way to getting her prince at last.



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