1. When Madonna attended the University of Michigan, she worked in the local ice-cream store to earn enough money for dance classes. When she moved to New York a year later, she was fired from a job in Dunkin' Donuts for squirting the jelly too liberally and then fired from The Russian Tea Room for wearing fishnet stockings.
  2. When Madonna's daughter, Lourdes left for college last year, Madonna says she sank into a deep depression and spent weeks crying in her daughter's empty bedroom. The singer says that the pain she felt at that time was the worst of her life.
  3. Madonna loves astrology and can often be heard asking interviewers what their star-signs are.
  4. Madonna joined social networking site Instagram after she had just enjoyed a Martini. Since then she has shared photos of her children and her work, and maintains the page herself.
  5. All four of Madonna's children are creative beings. Lourdes (18) is studying theatre; Rocco (14) was a dancer on her MDNA tour; David (9) plays the guitar and Mercy (9) plays piano.
  6. Although she has previously admitted to not watching television, Madonna is now a huge fan of Game of Thrones.
  7. Madonna once met Princess Diana and the two spoke about the pressures of paparazzi and the media interest. They intended to meet up for tea shortly afterwards, but the princess was tragically killed in a car accident in August 1997.
  8. On her forty-seventh birthday, Madonna had a terrible horse-riding accident and broke her collar bone scapula, ribs and knuckle. Despite that, she has carried on riding and now has her own horse.
  9. When Madonna appeared with Sir Paul McCartney at the 1999 MTV awards, rumours began that they were a couple. The singer denied any kind of relationship, and cheekily added that everyone knows she prefers the younger man.
  10. Madonna has written and directed two movies : Filth and Wisdom and W.E. She is currently working on another screenplay and intends to direct it sometime in 2016.


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