Red Amaryllis by medium Denise E. Jacobs is a clarion call for peace, love and understanding but, more importantly, a convincing entreaty for us all to act before it’s too late.

By Simon Taylor



Does life continue after death, and can those who have passed on still communicate with us? Perhaps more importantly, if the answers to the first questions are ‘yes’, then what are they trying to tell us, and for what reason?

While it will (probably) always be impossible to get the definitive, scientific answer to the question of what happens once we shuffle off this mortal coil, we might have the next big thing in Red Amaryllis, the remarkable new memoir of Denise E. Jacobs.

Unless you know her personally, you will have never heard of the author before now. As she says early on in the book, she is a naturally shy individual who was more than happy to “go through life blending in with the crowd”.

Yet, it seems, the universe had other plans for Denise, who—ironically—grew up not believing in psychics or the notion of an afterlife.

As she explains in warm and welcoming prose, in the early 1980s (when she was in her early 30s and working as a hairdresser), she suddenly began to receive premonitions and messages that related to those around her and which detailed insights and forewarnings that she couldn’t possibly know.

At first these messages were, understandably, treated with scepticism by her family, but it became increasingly harder to pass them off as lucky guesses as the messages continued to stack up and play out just as predicted.

This went on for around a year before, in 1985, and as Denise recounts in vivid detail, she saw a vision that would come to bring a new purpose to her entire life. Her late mother-in-law, Celia, visited her one summer day while she was busy with housework in the kitchen and instructed her to “look out of the window”.

“I turned towards the window and froze. It was a sunny day and the sky outside had been clear blue all morning, but nothing could prepare me for the unimaginable nightmare that was unfolding.

“There was a blinding flash of light followed by a deafening boom so loud my eardrums felt as if they’d shattered. I could feel blood ooze from them, my eyes felt swollen and weeping blisters appeared on my body. I put my hands over my face in a futile attempt to stop the excruciating agony. I watched the sky grow dark as the sun was obliterated by a vast, billowing mushroom cloud that rose thousands of feet as it expanded into a mass of smoke and flames and darkness that filled the horizon until it was all I could see; silent, ominous and terrifying.”

After reading Denise E. Jacobs’ convincing memoir, Red Amaryllis, you may come to believe that there is an afterlife after all.

After witnessing this horrific scene, Denise asked Celia what was happening, to which she received this response:

“You are looking at the future. Nuclear war is coming if the world does not change the course it is on, and it will affect every single person on the planet as well as those who are to come in future generations. From where I am, we can see the past, the present and the future, but we can’t change what is coming; we can only warn you. We need you to help us get this message through to the people of the world because only they can demand peace, and put an end to the madness of power-hungry leaders who think that war is the answer. Your journey will be long and difficult, but we will be here to help you.”

Since that time, Denise has been preparing to warn the world about this terrifying future, which if her information is correct is set to have its beginnings within the Middle East in 2025 and to escalate from there into global nuclear warfare.

Red Amaryllis shares her singular journey and mission, and provides a highly compelling narrative filled with dramatic—sometimes harrowing, other times poignant—real-life events that she has experienced up to the present day.

At the heart of her story is the epic ‘David Vs Goliath’ eight-year historic financial legal battle with Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd.

Stemming from Denise and her husband, Michael, falling victim to fraudsters introduced to them by a financial advisor with authority to act on behalf of the multinational financial company, everything hinged on proving the connection with Legal & General in court.

For a long time things looked bleak as the one piece of paperwork that would have categorically shown that link was missing. Denise and Michael had already lost their livelihoods and home as a result of the fraud, and now they were facing the prospect of having to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in court fees if they failed.

I won’t go into details and spoil the gripping story as told by Denise in the book but suffice to say that her unfaltering psychic gift came into play just in the nick of time and saved the day.

After reading Red Amaryllis from cover to cover, virtually in one sitting, you can count me among those convinced that Denise E. Jacobs is the real deal: a genuine psychic. If she’s being truthful about everything that has happened to her, and there are numerous testimonials within the book attesting to this, then I can’t see any other answer apart from the one given.

And if you agree with me after reading this unmissable memoir then I’m sure you’ll also agree that we can only hope that by sharing this warning from beyond that her final prediction can be prevented before time runs out.

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now on Amazon, priced £14.99 in paperback. Visit

Interview with Denise E. Jacobs 

We speak with Red Amaryllis author Denise E. Jacobs about her book, her life story, and about her terrifying vision of atomic war.

Q. How does it feel having this psychic gift?

A. I would say it is very humbling. There is never a day that goes by when I don’t wonder how I ever manage to do it. What is scary is the realisation that my gift is for a reason and I must use these abilities to pass an important message on to those who do not understand. With that said, others sometimes get scared because they cannot believe it. Especially those who are cynics and initially respond mockingly, only to receive so much unbelievable evidence that they’re left shaken to their core. Almost always we can laugh about it afterwards, but it never fails to amaze.

Q. Why did you name your memoir Red Amaryllis?

A. My favourite flower is the red amaryllis and it had become a tradition for my parents to give me a bunch of red amaryllises each year on my birthday. I thought this tradition had come to an end when they both died in the same year but on my next birthday I was at a local florist when he randomly presented me with a bunch of my favourite flowers. At the same moment I heard my father’s voice wishing me a happy birthday. It was such a touching moment and goes to show that those in the next dimension still care about us here on Earth, so I thought it a fitting title for my book.

Q. What was the most extraordinary result of the historic legal case against Legal & General?

A. In the historic legal battle, as I recount in my memoir, you will find testimonies from witnesses attesting to my psychic ability and confirming how I unearthed the evidence I needed to prove the claims. At least one of the people who had this evidence did not even know he had them himself!

Q. What have you learned about the legal system after being litigants in person?

A. A lawyer once told me, “Don’t believe the law and justice is the same thing”. The problem is that, in many cases, the public don’t understand legal jargon and become befuddled by what’s going on and being said. The lawyers are very busy people. It doesn’t necessarily matter to them if they win or lose their cases as they get paid just the same. Once a person is befuddled by the lawyer’s jargon, they don’t know how to stop them making mistakes during the proceedings. Something should be done to sort this out. I could write several books on how to improve the UK legal system.

Q. What was the first moment you realised that you needed to offer a warning about an impending nuclear war?

A. The moment I describe in the book when I looked out of my kitchen window and was shown the horrors of an atomic mushroom cloud, as clear as day. This was combined with a voice warning me that this was to be our future unless we can change the minds of world leaders before the tipping point. I might even have disbelieved it myself but since that vision I have received so much proof, I have passed along so much evidence, I have been told things which later came true with so much frequency, that I feel in myself that I have the credibility to believe that what I witnessed was a real and accurate indication of what’s to come. Crazy, but true, unless we do something about it.

Q. Why do you think you were selected to share this message?

A. I have absolutely no idea why I was set on this path. The universe must have been stark-raving-bonkers with their choice, that’s all I can say! I suppose all influencers need to start from a position of no influence, right? But I guess my real journey starts from here. I just hope those who have been helping me thus far know what they are doing because I do not! However, if we can avert WW3, I’m more than happy to retire somewhere and read all the books I haven’t had time to read with the knowledge all I went through to tell my story was worth everything. All I want is political de-escalation in 2025, and then my work here is done. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q. Why is now the right time to tell us your story?

A. Because the clock is ticking down, and the political chess pieces are being positioned. We are getting closer to 2025 which is when I have been told things will start kicking off. This leaves just about enough time to get both the book and then the film (yes, I’ve been told there will be one) released. It’s an educational mission for me, where we can educate the world and its leaders to acknowledge there really is another dimension and judgement really does exist. It’s genuine, folks. This is really happening. It is so people can make their choices and hopefully choose peace instead of destruction before it is too late. After reversing world proliferation, I can retire!

Q. Do you think everything, even wars, happen for a reason?

A. I certainly don’t have the answers to everything and neither does anyone else. I would be lying to you if I said I did. But this I can tell you. This time, for the first time in history, we are being forewarned from those in the next dimension who can see our future in the hope we can put things right and learn the lessons before it is too late to return from the brink. It’s part life lesson, part life warning.

Q. Can you offer any reassurance that a Third World War can be avoided’?

A. I’m afraid not. This is going to be a team effort to help avoid it. The question is, how do I make the world and its leaders take this warning seriously? How do I convince the press and people in positions of influence to help me? I cannot make anyone believe something they do not want to believe, but what I can do is provide the evidence, witnesses, and signed testimonies taken from my life story, and then let the readers make up their own minds and hope the world’s leaders understand the reality.

Q. What can each of us do to prevent the future atomic war?

A. It all comes down to the world leaders, so think wisely about who you are electing into power. My message to world leaders is even simpler: stop and think of the consequences your actions will bring.