The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

Reading is something that is still an important part of a bedtime regime. Sainsbury’s research has found that 7 out of 10 children’s parents are enticing them with a good book before the lights go out. Unfortunately with the increase of digital distraction such as TV, I pads and phones it is good to find that children are still reading as part of their list of hobbies.

As this is the nation’s week of reading it was imperative that we found out about the reading habits of parents and children in the UK. In a poll of 2,000 parents, despite their lives being filled with a good many other activities, they still were finding the time to read to their children (71%, to be exact.) More than 10 million families are still huddling together for a read at the end of a day.

On Thursday 7th March Sainsbury’s are holding Make Believe events in all of their stores in support of the nation’s reading week.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said, “This week activities in schools and in our stores all around the UK will inspire children to read by encouraging them to role play in dress up with their favourite book. As one of the leading retailers for dress up, we’ve found that The Gruffalo and Rapunzel are already flying off the shelves, followed closely by old favourites, Cinderella, Snow White, Spiderman, Superman and Batman.”

Sainsbury’s spokesperson continued, “Our sales show that despite the digital age, kids still love the feel and texture of a classic storybook, such as Cinderella - Magical Story, Rapunzel - A Groovy Fairy Tale and The Gruffalo.”

Child psychologist, Emma Kenny comments, "I cannot express how important reading to your children is. The book world is a world of make believe, which invites the imagination to embark on creative and magical journeys. Dressing up is an amazing way of bringing to life these fantasies and engaging children in role-play that is both exciting and educational. Bringing them closer to their much loved book heroes and heroines in a wonderful world of make believe. The Sainsbury’s 'Make Believe’ events are a great forum to celebrate and encourage reading through dress up.”

Despite tradition of reading at bedtime, it is encouraging to find that parents are still getting their children to read between other activities, with 67% of children reading in the car, in sport centres and on public transport.

The events are unique in getting children to dress up as their favourite characters that can be bought in over 300 of the Sainsbury’s stores.

Customers can redeem their £1 World Book Day tokens at Sainsbury’s on any book priced at £2.99 or more.

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