Room Service

The Hotel in Mulberry Bay

The Hotel in Mulberry Bay

The idea that I can pick up the phone, order a complete meal and drinks of my choice, and someone delivers the whole lot on a tray with fancy cutlery and all necessary accoutrements right to my room a short time later - with my never having to lift a finger - never fails to impress.

It's such a guilty and wholly indulgent pleasure.

Comfy beds and pillows

There is something so lovely about freshly laundered bedclothes, squishy pillows and soft mattresses in hotels that compared to my own at home, make me feel almost like I'm lying on clouds - bliss.

Mini Bar

Another incredible hotel invention that I adore. A selection of mini alcoholic drinks and yummy snacks readily available whenever I want them. Don't mind if I do. …

Turn-down Service

I always feel like absolute royalty whenever housekeeping arrives at my room in the evenings to switch on the lights, pull the curtains, and best of all, leave delicious chocolates on my pillow (and sometimes even flower petals)

Do not Disturb sign

A godsend when you want to lock yourself away from the world and know that nobody is allowed to interrupt you - especially in the mornings.

Make up Room sign

Another magical hotel invention. Leave your room to head out for the day, and all because of the little sign hung outside your door, by the time you get back, almost miraculously the bed has been expertly made, towels replaced and the room tidied up and returned to perfection.

Posh toiletries/accessories

Heavenly scented shower gels and shampoos, usually from top cosmetics companies always make bathing in a hotel feel extra luxurious. And the other supplies they sometimes provide: like sewing kits, nail files and shoe-horns can be handy too. Top marks to the hotels that include toothpaste too, because let's face it, who doesn't need toothpaste? (shoe-horns, not so much)


Soft squishy freshly laundered bathrobes almost demand that you forget the clothes you're wearing, put your hair up in a towel, relax, unwind, and get started on that mini-bar…

Express Checkout

The hotel checkout queue can often be a headache, especially following a relaxing stay, so instead of waiting in line at midday to check out along with other departing guests, much easier to just click a button on the TV and hey presto, have your account settled and charged to your credit card there and then.

Hotel pens

A writer's guilty pleasure. I must have hundreds of these branded mementos from hotels all over the world. It means I'm never without a pen in my handbag or on my person, and they always serve as a fond reminder of my travels for years to come.