Lawson think their fans are "filthy".

The boy band are enjoying their newfound fame and say their female fans have taken to scrawling their phone numbers and dirty messages on the side of their tour bus, which the group are only too happy to respond to.

Drummer Adam Pitts said: "The fans write stuff on our tour buses with make-up, stuff like "p****y patrol" and other such degrading things."

Ryan Fletcher excitedly said: "They write their number and filth basically! 'This is what I want to do to you, if you want that - here's my number!' "

Asked whether they've ever taken their groupies up on their offers, Adam laughed: "All the time! We've called every single number!"

Since the boys' debut album 'Chapman Square' was released, the band have noticed

a marked increase in hysteria when they go out together, but the cheeky chappies are most excited about using their power over the opposite sex to nab some freebies.

Frontman Andy Brown - who is rumoured to be romancing reality TV star Caggie

Dunlop - said: "When the four of us are together it can get quite mental sometimes, but we love it. It's quite new to us because obviously our success has only really happened this year, but we're just four attention seekers!

Guitarist Joel Peat told BANG Showbiz: "I asked a girl for the directions to Boots the other day and she was just like, 'Ahhhh! I was just like, 'I just want to go to boots, please tell me!' "

Ryan added: "Someone actually gave me a discount in a shop recently, based on the fact they liked our album. I won't talk about which shop in case I get them into trouble!"

Lawson were speaking at the Jameson Cult Film Club 'Seven Psychopaths' premiere

at London's Oval Space last night (27.11.12), where the band walked the red

carpet alongside Sam Rockwell and director Martin McDonagh