Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Alex Reid reportedly sent flirty text messages to two men.

The cage fighter - who recently split from Chantelle Houghton, the mother of his four-month-old daughter Dolly - is said to have asked club promoter Rob Cooper and former business partner Richard Curson to have sex with him while dressed as his transvestite alter ego Roxanne.

A friend of Rob - who describes himself online as "straight when sober, gay when drunk" - said: "Rob is constantly getting texts from Alex. They could be quite demanding."

The pair were pictured together at a club in July - around a time when Chantelle said she had found texts to Alex from another man - and fellow revellers said the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star made no secret of his feelings for his pal.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Alex made his feelings for Rob clear that night. A nearby drag queen heard the whole thing.

"Rob's mortified that this has all come out. He's a private guy and is furious with Chantelle for making it public."

Meanwhile, Richard - who has a boyfriend - claimed Alex would quiz him on his sex life, asking questions such as was he "the male or female?" and said he received unwanted texts, including one saying: "I'm goin' to whip u (sic)."

A spokesman for Alex branded Richard's claims "total rubbish".