Anna Faris

Anna Faris

Anna Faris' mother is thrilled she is finally pregnant.

The 'Dictator' star announced last week she and her husband Chris Pratt are expecting their first baby in the autumn and Anna, 35, admits her mum Karen had been pestering her to give her a grandchild for a long time.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Chris and I both want a family. Mum has been saying to me for some time, 'You had better start soon.' "

Anna - who was previously married for three years to Ben Indra, before divorcing in 2008 - and Chris were only engaged for six months before getting married in 2009, but Anna believes it was meant to be as they lives had so many similarities.

She explained: "When I fell in love with Chris it was great. We both grew up in little towns next to each other near Seattle and I found that very comforting.

"My marriage didn't work out the first time round but I am still a big believer in marriage.

"We lead a boring life in LA on purpose. I never go out, I never go to premieres, don't go to parties and don't live a Hollywood lifestyle.

"My perfect night in is cooking dinner, drinking wine and watching movies - there is nothing I love more."