Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto suffered with depression after her father died.

The Gossip front-woman - who lost her dad, Homer, to rheumatoid arthritis in May 2011 - enjoyed working with Mark Ronson on an album but could not focus on it properly after her loss and it was later scrapped.

She said: "I will say that I really liked working with Mark a lot. But there was so much going on. My dad died, you know? I was so depressed. I honestly didn't care about anything. And it took me a really long time to realise I was depressed. I had no idea. I only knew that I was really grumpy and there were days where I would just sleep for 24 hours solid and not even think about it.

"For some reason it didn't dawn on me that this was because of my dad."

However, losing her father did mean Beth learnt how important family really was to her.

She added to Attitude magazine: "It did make me go, 'F**k, mortality is real.'

"It made me think I need to stay in contact with my family more. When something happens like your father dies, it makes you realise you really need to appreciate these people more."