Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker was named after a horse.

The 'Battleship' actress revealed her parents loved the moniker of her mother's best friend's horse Brooke and decided on the more "formal" version of it for their daughter.

She told Vanity Fair magazine: "I'm named after a horse. My mom's best friend had a horse named Brooke, so my dad suggested 'Brooklyn' as a more formal version, and it just stuck - and now I live in Brooklyn part-time, so go figure."

The former model married tennis star Andy Roddick in 2009 and while both are busy forging successful careers, Brooklyn can't wait to have kids.

She said: "I think that I'd like to try to be a superwoman and have kids and work, so we'll see if I can actually accomplish that. But, if we're talking dream scenario, that would probably be it."

Brooklyn, 25, quit modelling at the height of her career in 2010 to focus on acting and although it was a success, she admitted her agent wasn't too happy with her at first.

She said: "The Sports Illustrated cover was the last thing I shot. That week, I told my agent, 'You know what, I really ... I don't want to be a model anymore. I really want to do movies.' And I think he wanted to wring my neck at the moment."