Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton's facial realignment surgery will allow her to live longer.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner recently had the procedure to cure severe pain in her jaw stemming after having veneers fitted in 2010, and her ongoing treatment could mean she lives a longer life.

Writing in her new! magazine column, she explained: "I have to wear a bite splint as part of my realignment treatment at the moment. The experts at the Facial Wellness Clinic have told me that my problems all stem from when I had my initial veneers put in, in 2010. Apparently, my jaw was dislocated - no wonder I've been in agony! They said that their aim is to get me completely well and that the treatment will add between 10 and 20 years to my life."

The reality TV star isn't the only one having mouth pain, as her and Alex Reid's eight-month-old daughter Dolly has developed her first tooth.

Chantelle said: "I noticed that she's finally got her first tooth. It's at the front, on the bottom. I was so excited! It feels like she's been teething for absolutely ages, so I'm glad she's got something to show for it at last!"