Matthew Fox accused of beating women

Matthew Fox accused of beating women

'Lost' star Dominic Monaghan is "not interested" in being friends with Matthew Fox because he "beats women".

The actor made the accusation about his co-star on the cancelled television series after a fan of the two encouraged Dominic to get Matthew to join the micro-blogging website.

When the follower asked him to get the screen star to create an account, he replied: "He beats women. No thanks."

He elaborated when the woman told joked: 'WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE GOOD TIMES YOU HAD TOGETHER?!"

He responded: "How do you know we ever did? you don't know either of us. he beats women.not isolated incidents. often. not interested."

Sources told that the pair have not spoken for years, and they never had any sort of argument so it's baffling to Matthew as to why Dominic would launch the online rant.

A female bus driver from Cleveland, Ohio accused Matthew last year of punching her in the groin area after she refused him a ride back to his hotel.

He denied the allegation and no criminal charges were filed, however he countersued after the claim.