Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt struggles to be tidy.

The 29-year-old actress - who is married to actor John Krasinski - relaxes away from work by cooking but admits she finds it impossible to indulge in her hobby without making a mess.

She said: "I love to cook - I'm a real foodie. The problem is that I'm also quite untidy, so when I do cook, it looks like a bomb has gone off in the kitchen. I'm trying to get better at being tidy and organised, but it is something I struggle with."

Emily is now based in Los Angeles, and though she returns to the UK a lot, she admits she misses British pubs.

She said: "There are parts that I miss, like afternoons in the pub, the irreverent sense of humour, and I do have a group of British friends in LA that I sort of cling to.

"But, like most actors, I'm used to a rather nomadic existence. And I still work in England an awful lot and my family are there, so I end up going back to visit a great deal."