Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles got two new tattoos in Dublin yesterday (12.10.12)

The One Direction star - who already has several pieces of body art including a star, the letter A, and a clothes hanger - has revealed he got the words "Things I can" inked on the inside of one arm, and "Things I Can't" on the other.

The 18-year-old 'Live While We're Young' singer told Irish chat show 'The Late Late Show' last night: "I've got one on my arms here [pointing to inside of arms]; I got it today."

Harry declined to show off his markings saying they were still bandaged up and did not explain what the new tattoos mean.

But his bandmate Niall Horan dryly said: "It's a London thing."

Harry wasn't the only member of the successful group to get tattoos in the city.

Louis Tomlinson told fans on twitter that he and Liam Payne both got matching tattoos of screws yesterday, to match existing ones already inked on their bandmates Harry and Zayn Malik.

Louis tweeted: "So Me and Liam joined the crew yesterday and got two screw tattoo's on our ankles, now we all have it except Niall! Come on @NiallOfficial."

Niall is said to have a fear of needles and refused to join the other boys as they got inked.

Meanwhile, Harry revealed he is not looking for a girlfriend but wouldn't hesitate if he found the right girl.

He said: "It's not like I'm looking for someone, I just think that if I met someone who I liked, then yeah. I've never lied about having a girlfriend. I think if you lie, people just want to prove you wrong, so you might as well tell the truth."

  1. by Fern Harding 14th Oct 2012 14:04

    thats me in the photo with harry x

  2. by Roselany 15th Oct 2012 03:40

    I dont know Harry styles that well im just a fan of their music.. he seems like a great guy and ive been hearing about all his tattoos and not to be rude but its his life,his body and its his decision if he wants tattoos then HEY! let him im not gonna judge him.