Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Holly Madison threw a baby shower in Las Vegas last weekend.

The Playboy model broke the tradition of the all-female event by inviting her partner Pasquale Rotella and 30 close friends to the pink, black and white-themed party last Saturday (02.02.13), where they tucked into candy necklaces, ice cream milkshakes and cocktails.

Holly, 33, told Us Weekly magazine: "It was girls and guys, [because] I have a lot of guy friends and we have a lot of friends who are couples, so I really wanted a co-ed shower."

The shower was sponsored by a baby and children's cosmetic brand Le bebe Coo, and Holly's guests brought a variety of gifts, including a pair of crystal-encrusted baby shoes.

Attendees also brought presents to be donated to charity Baby2Baby which aims to provide struggling families with clothes and items for children up to 12.

Holly said: "I asked people to bring things that we could donate to Baby2Baby. A lot of people brought really generous donations - all kinds of baby supplies and things like that. Those were just such sweet gifts!"

The 'Peepshow' star shunned traditional baby shower games and tried to make the occasion more of a social gathering.

Holly said: "[Baby showers are] all the same! It's the same games every time. It feels like a five year old's birthday party! We had a really great time. It was more of a fun social event. It was really festive and well done and the food was amazing.

"It was really fun, just all of us sitting down and relaxing, having lunch, gossiping and having a good time."

Holly, who previously dated Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, is due to give birth to a baby girl on March 5 and still finds it a struggle to cope with the "crazy" side effects of pregnancy.

She added: "I think since this is my first pregnancy, the anticipation can kind of be the worst part.

"You're reading up on all the different side effects of pregnancy and the crazy things that could possibly happen and you're just waiting to see, will this happen to me?

"And I had a couple of bad days but really, I've been blessed and had a good pregnancy."