Scott Thomas: 'I Was Envious Of Fame'.British star KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS used to envy more famous actresses, insisting she frequently missed out on movie roles to 'lesser' contemporaries.The English Patient star admits she was bitter about being passed over for lead role after lead role, but is now a firm believer that respect from her acting peers is more important than the trappings of fame.She says, "I used to be envious of others' careers. I had a sense of injustice. I felt I could do parts 10 times better than some of the actresses who got them. I was envious of their fame too."The advantage of fame is that you get offered the best parts. But the best parts in what? And you are working so hard that you never have any life. Once you've done the showing-off side, the red carpets, the film premieres, the jewels can pall."You don't want recognition or admiration per se, you want people to want to work with you."