David Walliams and Lara Stone

David Walliams and Lara Stone

Lara Stone "loves" to knit.

She gave up smoking and then she started knitting!

The Dutch-born supermodel - who has fronted campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Hugo Boss in the past - took up the hobby when she gave up smoking, but her husband, British comedian David Walliams, admitted she has a tendency to select overly-vibrant shades.

Speaking on UK TV show 'The One Show', David said: "My wife loves to knit. I'll see her sat on the sofa with a bundle of orange wool and she'll say, 'I'm knitting you a jumper'. And I'll have to say, 'Really, darling? In orange? Thanks for that'.

"She gave up smoking and then she started knitting!"

When Lara first took up knitting, she created a hat for Sir Elton Joan and his husband David Furnish's 11-month-old son Zachary, who was welcomed into the world via a surrogate in December 2010.

David recently explained: "Lara's taken up knitting, so she made Zachary a little hat.

"We figured, 'What do you buy the baby who'll have everything?' So now he's got a Lara Stone original."

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