Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie has splashed out on seven Mercedes cars for himself this Christmas.

The 'Dancing on the Ceiling' singer - whose adopted daughter is fashion designer Nicole Richie - decided to treat himself to several new vehicles to mark the festive holiday, however, the shocked salesman didn't recognise Lionel when he first walked into the dealership and thought he was joking when he told him how many cars he wanted.

Lionel told the New York Post newspaper: "I decided to buy myself a Mercedes - or two! In blue jeans and T-shirt, I walked into a Montgomery, Alabama, dealership and said, 'I'll buy seven Mercedes.' Staring, the guy asked, 'Son, you got some proof?' I had him call LA's Bank of America president. He hung up and segued from 'Son' to, 'Mr. Richie, right this way, please.' "

Although Lionel, 63, has spent a lot on himself he has also helped those less fortunate this Christmas - by working with Scottish charity Cash for Kids, which aims to get kids in the country out of poverty.

Speaking about the charity at an event in Glasgow earlier this month, he said: "Christmas is all about family, and children being surrounded by love, but it's important to realise that not every child is fortunate enough to be able to share this happy time.

"Being in Glasgow as we approach Christmas I can appreciate what Radio Clyde Cash for Kids does to bring happiness to vulnerable children in the city, and I'm delighted to support the great work they do."