Lisa Snowdon is addicted to exercise.The 'Britain's Next Top Model' presenter - who previously dated George Clooney - admits she has to work hard to look good now she has reached her mid-thirties.She said: "I've started working out. I'm 35 now you see. I have to get on the treadmill and do some running. I've even got a trainer."It also just makes me feel better. Even if you don't notice it necessarily, it just makes me feel like I have done something, you know, I have got a sweat on."The brunette beauty also confessed she has a fetish for shoes, and buys a new pair every week.When asked whether she was a shoe or handbag girl, she replied: "Shoes. But it's so tough, how can a girl choose? I definitely have more shoes. Well, I have got 10 pairs of Christian Louboutin and five Jimmy Choos. I probably have about 100 pairs altogether."I don't think you can have enough shoes. Handbags are more seasonal but shoes are a weekly buy. Don't tell my mother!"

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