GEORGE CLOONEY has ended on his on-off relationship with English model/TV presenter LISA SNOWDON, because it has "nowhere to go".The OCEAN'S TWELVE star had been dating Snowdon sporadically for the last five years, but the pair split two weeks ago after deciding their trans-Atlantic love affair was taking it's toll.After discussing the move over the phone, they both insist the break-up was entirely amicable, and simply blame Clooney's "tendency to be a workaholic" and Snowdon's refusal to leave Britain.A Hollywood source says, "It's always difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. But they have remained great friends and there is no animosity between them."The heart-throb's reluctance to commit to marriage plans can't have helped matters, recently revealing he doesn't believe he has any "moral obligation" to settle down and have a family.He said in an interview, "I've been too busy to give enough of my personal time to take care of a woman, raise children and be a decent father."

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