Lisa Snowdon loves skinny dipping.The sexy model, who previously dated Hollywood hunk George Clooney, admits a naked moonlit swim is one of her guilty pleasures.However, Snowdon claims she would never take a nude dip in the sea - because she is scared of sharks.She revealed to Britain's FHM magazine: "Naked in a swimming pool and stuff, not in the sea - that would scare me."It's just the thought of sharks, or something brushing past your leg. If something brushed past me I'd freak.She added: "Swimming pool skinny dipping, that's fine."Meanwhile, Snowdon has confessed she once had a crush on a girl.

The beautiful brunette says she developed an eye for the ladies in school but it never went anywhere.

She said: "I can appreciate other women's bodies and beauty.

"When I was younger, I probably had a crush on a girl, but back when I was very, very young."

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