'Lost' actress Maggie Grace says she's an anglophile.The 24-year-old actress admits her views of England have been affected by her early experiences in the country, but says she's intrigued by the country's "dualism". Maggie said: "I'm a complete anglophile - I came here first when I was 13 - I had a pen pal since I was eight in the Lake District and I went to school with her. I was really into Shakespeare and some of the English poets from the Lake District. "So I have a really skewed idea of England with Bath and Jane Austen and BBC4 period dramas that last six hours with a plot that doesn't really move until hour four. "England has such an interesting culture to me because there is such dualism, there's this sense of pride and stiff upper lip, but then it's the country that gave us page three - it doesn't really follow."Maggie has recently been in the UK shooting her next film 'Malice in Wonderland' - a gangland thriller set in North East England, based on Lewis Carroll's classic children's book 'Alice in Wonderland'. Maggie takes the lead role of Alice in the film. 'Malice in Wonderland' is currently scheduled for release in 2009.

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