'Lost' actress Maggie Grace has a weakness for British men.The actress - who is dating 'The Rules Of Attraction' star Ian Somerhalder - says she loves listening to her British co-star's accents.She confessed to America's Esquire magazine: "The accent is pretty damn cute, though. It makes anything sound intelligent. I really enjoy observing my British castmates like Dom and Naveen - they can get so much mileage out of the accent, it's ridiculous."The 22-year-old actress - who has never had a relationship with an Englishman - says she was obsessed with all things British as a child - and grew up believing 'Pride and Prejudice' character, Mr Darcy, was the perfect man.She revealed: "My mom and dad are so into period drama on the BBC - all theJane Austen adaptations - so I was a total Anglophile as a kid. My first idea of the true definition of manhood was Mr Darcy."

However, Grace thinks men are put off asking her out because she is tall - and when someone does they usually have a corny chat-up line. The 5 foot 9 inch actress revealed: "I don't usually get hit on that much - maybe my height is intimidating or something.

"Someone will say, 'Let's get lost together', and he'll usually think he's infinitely clever for coming up with that."

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