Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy has to "wear a mask" in everyday life.

The Muse frontman believes he can truly be himself when he's performing on stage, and it is only when he is doing ordinary, everyday, things he has to keep himself restrained.

He said: "If anything, you're more honest on stage. Up there, the true self comes out. The socialisation levels we use to modify our behaviour for everyday life can peel away.

"Onstage you get to see someone's craziness a little.

"I like to think that when I go to see other artists I'm seeing what's going on deep down inside of them. You get a sense of freedom to express yourself any way you want to. You can say anything you want to, do anything you want, behave as you want.

"It's only in everyday life where you have to put on the jacket, the mask."

'Madness' singer Matt - who has 18-month-old son Bingham with fiancee Kate Hudson - added he enjoyed smashing the band's equipment in early tours as he found the process "cathartic".

He explained to Classic Rock magazine: "In out early years I was genuinely a bit more... I wouldn't say angry, but I was definitely prone to 'anger moments'. I would explode. On those early tours it was a cathartic experience for us: The gear-trashing was the real thing."