Melissa George

Melissa George

Melissa George's mother encouraged her to smoke, drink and bring boys home.

The 'Hunted' actress is thankful her parents had a relaxed attitude to often taboo subjects like sex and alcohol when she was a teenager because it has helped her in her relationships and with her lifestyle choices.

She said: "My mum Pamela made sure I knew the facts of life about sex from an early age, to protect me.

"She'd say, 'Do you want to drink and smoke? Do it here.' Or, 'Do you want a boyfriend? Bring him home.'

"She was an amazing mum, who asked if I wanted the consequences of unsafe sex and made sure I read the right books on sex at 13.

"It was a fantastic way to be brought up. It has also meant I have been at ease with men all my life."

The former 'Alias' star was also encouraged by her mother to travel and be "happy" in love - and she is thankful to have been able to follow her mum's wishes.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "Mum never judged my boyfriends. Her only concern was I would be happy in love and travel well.

"I've been fortunate on both counts. I met my husband Claudio on a trip to Bali with a girl pal. We met in a restaurant and he looked a very beautiful man.

"We were married within a year. He was from Chile so introduced me to South America - another great experience. But I cannot pretend the divorce was anything but terrible. I was then with [Def Jam owner] Russell Simmons, who I met in New York, for a time."