Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's kids are to voice characters in an Asian children's cartoon.

Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and 'Blanket', 10, are looking to follow in their late father's footsteps into showbusiness by appearing in the TV show, and they hope the project will lead them into more "high-profile" opportunities in the industry.

A source said: "They are set to do the voices for a kids' Asian cartoon hit that is being imported to the US.

"Paris doesn't share his father's singing talents but has done some acting. And if the voiceover work is a success it will lead to more high-profile live action roles."

Prince and Paris - who is set to make her acting debut in family movie 'Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys' next year - are both keen to pursue acting careers and see it as a welcome distraction from their "tough" school life.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: "The older pair in particular have no doubt that they want to follow their dad into showbusiness. And they find school tough. Kids can be really cruel."

But Michael's sister Janet Jackson - who starred in 'Good Times', 'Diff'rent Strokes' and 'Fame' during her early years before embarking on a phenomenally successful pop career - recently insisted she wants Paris to wait until she is older before following her acting dream.

She said: "I'd prefer for her to wait, I think she should enjoy her youth.

"You're only young once and to really have a wonderful time and enjoy it, she has the rest of her life to be an adult, and she should study, she should go to school and study the craft and think about college and maybe study abroad, acting, and then when she becomes 18 she could dive into it if she wants."