Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was "on fire" when she filmed 'Two and a Half Men'.

The singer-and-actress recently made a cameo appearance in the sitcom and though the show's star Jon Cryer wasn't initially confident she would be a success, he was thrilled when she stepped in front of the camera and nailed her part.

He told "She plays a motor-mouth character, so they gave her page-long monologues.

"She was lovely, and we had a great time.

"All week, she was on book [looking at the script] which is understandable. But even when we got within two hours of the show, she was still on book. We were thinking, 'Oh no, Miley better bring it!' And then we did it in front of the audience, and Miley brought it! Miley was just on fire and fantastic."

Miley - who is engaged to her 'Last Song' co-star Liam Hemsworth - recently had her hair cut into a daring short crop and Jon thinks her new look is "fantastic".

He added: "I know her haircut is very controversial, but I lay on the side of 'I love it'. I think she looks fantastic."

Miley starred in Disney show 'Hannah Montana' for five years playing the titular character.