Mimi Rogers insists she is "happy" ex-husband Tom Cruise is marrying Katie Holmes. The beautiful actress, who was married to the 'Top Gun' star for three years, says despite their acrimonious split she is delighted for himShe said: "I'm happy for him It's 16 years since our divorce and it seems like a different lifetime"Meanwhile, Mimi claims she was surprised Tom proposed to Katie at Paris landmark the Eiffel Tower - because he was never a romantic when they datedThe sexy star, who Tom left to date Nicole Kidman, says she couldn't believe it when the actor made the gushing proposal - because it was so publicShe said in an interview with Britain's Daily Mail Weekend magazine: "He's always been a very intense guy, who is openly passionate about some thingsBut we didn't go through that very public courtship phase

"He proposed to Kate while they were up the Eiffel Tower, but with me he didn't do anything dashing, like going down on one knee - it just happened"

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