Actress Mimi Rogers has vowed never to have plastic surgery. The 48-year-old beauty, who was previously married to Tom Cruise, claims she is sickened by the pressure Hollywood actresses are put under to stay looking youngShe said: "It's got way out of hand. It used to be if you were unhappy with your nose or your boobs, you'd get them done, but now it's everything"I wouldn't even try Botox. The idea of botulism, needles and pain isn't exactly pleasantHowever, Mimi - who shot to fame in the 1987 film 'Someone To Watch Over Me' - has confessed to going under the surgeon's knife once - to have her breasts reducedThe beautiful actress had her bust size reduced from a massive 34DD to a 34D because she was sick of men leering over them She explained to Britain's Weekend magazine: "Before I had the surgery, men were talking to my chest the entire time, but I couldn't blame them

"When I walked into a room, my breasts were always several steps ahead of me"

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